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Dear users,

Thank you for your support and trust in Seinxon, now we have a fun feedback campaign.

Show your Seinxon to earn $3 and an exclusive customized link

4 steps to get them

Reviews (video/image)

• Post and @seinxon

• Keep the post for 7 days

• Send the share link and PayPal account to

 Seinxon Item Finder Cashback Campaign

More detail below

1. Shoot a product video picture

Choose any Seinxon products and create a video showcasing its features and functions.

For example: In the video or picture, what items do you use seinxon on, what do you like most about seinxon, etc.


2. Post on social media: 

Using relevant tags or descriptions on your video/image can help you ensure you have followers and influence.

Give praise or repost: Share your video on platforms like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube, tag @seinxon, and add comments and recommendations.


3. Get rewarded

Contact our official email, share the post link and your PayPal account to get the reward.


4. When the award will be issued

We will collect your list and send it out together.

Quota limit: First 30 participants

Time limit: Three months

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Seinxon Bluetooth Tracker Cashback Campaign

Other considerations: Ensure your product review videos are authentic and objective, and comply with social media platform rules and laws. Do not publish false or infringing content. Please make sure your review has a positive promotional effect on Seinxon's products and brand image.

If interested, reply to this email with your social media account info and product evaluation experience. We'll contact you with more details.


Here is the sample ↓↓↓


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Thank you for your support to Seinxon!