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Share Seinxon Item Finder To Get 10% Cashback


• Learn more about Kickbooster

Kickbooster is the first and only tool explicitly made for managing their affiliate, referral, and influencer network all in one place

• How to get the Kickbooster referral link?

STEP1 - Click the link to get your Booter link 

Seinxon Bluetooth Tracker Special Campaign

STEP2 - Create an account & Enter PAYPAL Email

The Kickbooster will transfer to you via PayPal, please remember to fill it in.


STEP3 - Resend confirmation Email

Apple mfi Certified card finder kickbooster campaign

STEP4 - Find the Email AND Click” CONFIRM ACCOUNT”

Smart Super-slim Find My Tag Rebate Campaign


STEP5 - Log into your account at Kickbooster.

Airtag Tracker Locator Finder for Wallet or Keys | How to use Kickbooster

STEP6 - Give us your registered email address and we will update it to a 10% commission rate on the dashboard.

Then you have an exclusive link that you can use to publish. (Referrals will get an additional 5% discount.)

You can view the money you earn here:

Find My Wallet / Keys / Remote Control | Seinxon combined kickbooster activities

• When will you receive your reward?


Commissions are paid to Boosters on the 1st and 15th (or the following business day) of every month for referrals that have successfully completed the referral review period (up to 30 days).  Once payment is received by the Creator, Kickbooster will process your commissions via PayPal (account balance of +$20) on the following 1st or 15th (or the following business day)

Note: Your commission on a referral will be void if a backer fails to rectify a failed payment attempt before Kickbooster will validate referrals a minimum of two business days after the crowdfunding campaign has ended.


For more details, please check: