About Us

Seinxon - “Guard All Unique”

About Team Seinxon

Seinxon is a 28-35-year-old multinational team. It has been committed to the development and manufacture of intelligent products. Combining the exclusive patented technology "Integrated Compression", it has considerable influence in the global intelligent financial hardware products.

Seinxon, linking the smart ecology of the Internet of Things, provides borderless and portable Internet of Everything solutions, bringing the digital world to everyone and every family, making life more calm, efficient, and happy!


About Brand Seinxon

The birth of the brand began with Founder Mandy's painful experience of losing a backpack. Not only does it affect the enthusiasm of being a guest speaker on the forum, but also the ID card, bank card, important notes, cosmetics, newly bought AirPods... in the backpack can no longer feel them.

Afterward, Mandy used the AirTag anti-lost device to connect with the items, and indeed there were no more lost items. Even if Mandy loses them, Apple Find My App will remind you in time. However, due to the inconvenient structure of AirTag, the idea of changing AirTag into a thin and flat "card" shape gradually emerged.

As a result, Seinxon was born in 2021. After a year and a half of R&D and improvement cycles, the product has landed perfectly.

The Seinxon R&D team is not satisfied with the "Finder Card" which only has a positioning function, so it has added an anti-theft credit card / ID card information function, which is closer to the wallet usage scenario and makes it look different from the credit card form.

At the same time, the Seinxon team also added a dynamic LOGO lighting effect, which is more interesting and interactive, combined with IP68 waterproof, so that users can travel without fear of risk.