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Wallet Finder FAQs

How does Apple connect with the Seinxon wallet tracker?

The Seinxon Bluetooth wallet tracker seamlessly connects to your Apple device via Bluetooth and seamlessly integrates with Apple's Find My Network. To begin, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone. Then, open the Apple Find My app, which is pre-installed on all Apple devices.

  1. All other models can be powered on with a single click. However, the Pro, Pro Max, and Mini versions require a two-second long press to power on. Hear a ticking sound and see the blue light blinking to indicate that it is powered on.
  2. Open the Finder app, click on the item, and then click on Add Item.
  3. Then click on the other supported items and follow the instructions.

Detailed steps can be found here.

What is the Bluetooth detection range of the Seinxon wallet finder?

The Seinxon Bluetooth purse finder offers a detection range of up to 165 feet (approximately 50 meters) in open areas without obstructions. However, the effectiveness of this range may be diminished by physical obstacles such as walls or doors.

How does the wallet finder work?

The Seinxon Wallet Finder finds both inside and outside of Bluetooth range. Within Bluetooth range, the Seinxon Finder connects to your Apple device.

If you misplace an item in your neighborhood, you can trigger the finder to emit a sound or light to find the item faster. When the Seinxon Finder is outside of Bluetooth range, it utilizes Apple's Find My network to locate the device.

This network utilizes millions of Apple devices around the world as a "locator beacon network." If your Seinxon Finder is near any Apple device, it updates its location on your "Find My" app, effectively enabling global tracking without the need for the Finder's own GPS module.

What about battery life and replacement?

Seinxon current products are all rechargeable. The Seinxon wallet tracker - Elite series, equipped with wireless charger capabilities, enables effortless charging without the need for cables or connectors. Simply place the tracker on the wireless charger pad, and it will initiate charging automatically. With a fully charged battery, the Seinxon purse finder can operate for up to 6 months before requiring another charge.

Does the wallet tracker fold?

No. However, the Seinxon wallet tracker is extremely rugged and resistant to pressure, bending, and corrosion.

It has been carefully designed to be completely sealed with a highly durable casing that can withstand the pressures and environmental conditions of everyday use and will not be damaged by being crushed or bent slightly.

So when you're out on business or travel, you can put it in your luggage tags for tracking purposes.

Will the wallet tracker work in water?

Yes, Seinxon's wallet tracker works in water. It has an IP68 waterproof rating, is completely dustproof, and can withstand water immersion at a maximum depth of 3 meters for up to 1 hour (under IEC standard EN60529).

What is the general purpose of a wallet finder?

The general purpose of a wallet finder is to help people quickly and easily locate and retrieve wallets, luggage tags, or other valuables when they are misplaced or lost. By utilizing technology such as Bluetooth tracking, audible alerts, and location tracking apps, it allows users to pinpoint the last known location of their luggage.

Note that its original purpose was to find and locate items quickly, not to prevent loss.

Do RFID blocking wallets damage cards?

No, RFID blocking wallets do not damage bank cards. Numerous studies have shown that these wallets simply block the electromagnetic fields needed to read RFID tags.

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags on objects. These tags contain electronically stored information that can be read by RFID scanners.

They act like a Faraday cage, preventing any signals from getting in or out, which means they don't interact with your card in any harmful way. Instead, they provide a protective shield that secures the card data without compromising the card's functionality.

What are the features of the Seinxon wallet tracker?

Although the Seinxon wallet tracker is made of IP68 waterproof-rated material, it is rechargeable and is only 1.6 mm thick. RFID technology also protects sensitive information from unauthorized scanning or theft. This versatile tracker charges with a wireless charger or can be placed in a wallet to turn a credit card into an RFID blocking wallet.

Does Seinxon wallet tracker work?

Yes, the Seinxon wallet tracker effectively utilizes cutting-edge technology to help users efficiently locate wallets, luggage tags, or other valuables.

It has a Bluetooth tracking feature for precise location tracking within the Bluetooth range. Even if you are out of Bluetooth range, you can relink to your device's location as long as there is an Apple device attached.

In addition, the tracker is equipped with sound alerts and lights, Seinxon Finder is designed with a louder beep sound compared to AirTag, which makes it better to find within a range of a few meters.

These features ensure timely reminders to retrieve your items. Additionally, the Seinxon Wallet Tracker includes RFID technology that enhances the security of your wallet by turning it into an RFID blocking wallet.

This feature is especially important for protecting personal information from electronic pickpocketing.The tracker also offers a "Lost Mode" with three important features:

  • Alerts when the location of a lost item is updated.
  • Prevents others from pairing with the tracker.
  • It allows you to enter contact information, making it easy for the person who finds your lost item to contact you.