Learn About Seinxon in One Minute

Seinxon Item Finder is a master at helping you find all kinds of items more easily. Just attach it with your belongings. You can always see their location and find them timely on the Apple Find My App.


Hundreds of Millions of iOS Devices Help To Track Them

If your lost belongings are far away from you, the Find My network will help you track them. This vast network of hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs around the world was designed with you in mind. At the same time, it ensures that your privacy is protected in every aspect.

The Perfect Solution Combining GPS and Bluetooth Positioning

Seinxon Finder always emits a Bluetooth signal that is detectable by any nearby devices on the Find My network. These devices will send the location of your lost items to iCloud. And then, you will see it on Maps in the Find app. It is worth mentioning the whole process is anonymous.


Timely Reminder When Left Behind

Your Find My app will also send you messages in time to remind you to go back and retrieve your belongings when the distance between you and your belongings exceeds the Bluetooth range of Seinxon Item Finder.


Why Choose Seinxon?

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

It only takes one hour to charge then can be used for half a year. After multiple generations of research and development, its power consumption has become very low, resulting in ultra-long battery life. The exclusive charging clip will charge it.


Louder Sound Plus Obvious Lighting

It will sound loud and light up when your lost items are looked for. That means you can easily find them even at night thus saving your time.

Up to 80dB

Louder Sound Plus Obvious Lighting

It will sound loud and light up when your lost items are looked for. That means you can easily find them even at night thus saving your time.

Up to 80dB


IP68 Waterproof

Seinxon utilizes Integrated Compression Tech to seal the circuit board, achieving an IP68 waterproof effect. This means it can operate at depths of up to 2 meters for 6 hours or even longer!


Ultra-Thin but Sturdy

Compared to similar products on the market, Seinxon's most outstanding feature lies in the use of a unique manufacturing process, which allows our product to achieve the thinnest thickness available in the market. Additionally, even with such extreme thinness, our product remains remarkably sturdy.


RFID Blocking

Seinxon's Wallet Finder - Pro Max series has an RFID blocking function, which can effectively block the signal interaction of credit cards and prevent criminals from swiping credit card funds or stealing credit card information for profit.