Seinxon Wallet Finder: Unboxing Review

Seinxon Wallet Finder is the answer to our lost-things problem. This ultra-thin Bluetooth device easily fits into your wallet and can be tracked via a smartphone app.

Many tech bloggers, such as Not Vader, Philip Fung, TKI Tech, and HansTechTalk, have reviewed this product and given it high praise. Let’s take a look at what the Seinxon brand is like.

Seinxon Wallet Finder

The Seinxon Wallet Finder is the thinnest Bluetooth tracker compatible with Apple's Find My Network. It comes with a built-in LED light that allows you to easily locate items in the dark. It also emits up to 80-100 decibels of sound to ensure you find your lost items quickly. Unlike most Airtag alternatives, the wallet finder card is powered by a 100 mAh non-removable rechargeable battery that, despite its compact size, can last up to 6 months on a single charge.

The Pro Max version of the Seinxon wallet finder features additional RFID blocking for extra protection against unauthorized card scanning.


  • Lightweight and thin design
  • Robust build quality
  • RFID blocking (Pro Max version)
  • Long battery life
  • Easy integration with Apple Find My and Android Sentient app
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP68 rating)
  • Loud beeping sound for easy location

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The Seinxon Wallet Finder is a lifesaver for those who often misplace their wallet, keys or bag, and more small items such as game grips, toys, remotes, and even bicycles. Hang it on your belongings and use the app to find them in seconds.

When traveling, the Seinxon Wallet Finder makes sure you don't lose your luggage. Hang it on your suitcase and you'll always be able to find your belongings and enjoy your trip.

Seinxon Wallet Finder

Unboxing the Seinxon Finder Cards

The Seinxon Finder Cards come in a sleek, well-designed package. Inside, you’ll find the cards themselves, a colorful user manual, and QR codes for the Seinxon app on the Google Play Store. The manual even includes a 10% discount code for your next purchase. The box opens in a cool way – just lift the top, and it feels almost like magic.

Unboxing the Seinxon Finder Cards

In the box, I found two cards: the Seinxon Pro Max and the Seinxon Mini. The Mini even has a key ring hole for easy attachment to keys. These cards work with the Apple Find My app and the Seinxon app for Android, making them highly versatile.

Unboxing Finder Cards

Initially, I was skeptical due to their small size and lightweight nature. They felt just like plastic cards. But after testing them out, I swapped all my other branded finders for them.


Features and Build Quality

Premium Materials and Design

The build quality of these cards is impressive. Made from premium materials, they feel sturdy and durable. I’ve dropped them multiple times, yet they remain scratch-free and fully functional. Their credit card size makes it easy for them to carry in a wallet without worrying about damage from sitting pressure.

Functionality and Battery Life

Each card comes with a multi-purpose button for pairing and other functions. Charging is simple with the included USB-C clip-on tools. They charge quickly, and a full charge lasts at least six months, meaning you only need to charge them twice a year.

Performance and Integration

Setting up the cards is straightforward. Open the Find My app on your Apple device, click "Add Other Item," and pair the card. You’ll hear a beep when connected. You can name the card and even choose an emoji for it. The battery status and other features are accessible through the app.

Why Choose Seinxon Finder Cards

Thinnest Bluetooth Tracker

The Seinxon Finder Cards are the thinnest on the market. Despite their tiny size, they pack a punch with robust performance. They feature an 80-decibel beep for easy location tracking and integrate seamlessly with navigation apps.

Secure and Durable

The Pro Max version includes RFID protection for added security, making it ideal for wallets full of cards. With an IP68 rating, these cards are waterproof and dustproof.

Lost Mode and Notifications

Unique to these cards is their compatibility with Apple’s Lost Mode. If your item gets lost, activate Lost Mode, and you'll be notified when found. This feature leverages Apple’s vast network, making locating lost items easier.

How To Connect With Seinxon

The Seinxon Wallet Finder Card is also very simple to use, as per the manual and some Airtag experience.

  1. Open the Find My application on your Apple device.
  2. Click on "Add Other Item."
  3. The app will find the Seinxon Wallet Finder card.
  4. Connect and give it a name.
  5. The card will emit a beeping sound, indicating that it’s connected.
  6. Select an emoji or icon for easy identification.
  7. Detailed steps can be found here.

Wallet Finder

Seinxon Wallet Finder Review

The Seinxon Wallet Finder has received glowing reviews from various tech enthusiasts and reviewers. Here are some real-life examples from notable reviewers that showcase the device's practicality and reliability.

Review 1: Not Vader

"As someone who frequently travels for work, keeping track of my belongings is crucial. The Seinxon Wallet Finder has been a game-changer. During a recent trip, I misplaced my wallet at the airport. Using the Seinxon app, I quickly pinpointed its location at a nearby coffee shop. The device's accuracy and ease of use saved me a lot of stress and hassle. It's now an essential part of my travel kit."

Not Vader  Unboxing

Review 2: Philip Fung

"I was skeptical about the effectiveness of wallet finders until I tried the Seinxon Wallet Finder. Its ultra-slim design fits perfectly in my wallet without adding bulk. One day, I left my wallet in a cab, and the Seinxon app helped me track it down to the cab company's lost and found. The long battery life and reliable Bluetooth connectivity make this device a must-have for anyone prone to losing their wallet."

Philip Fung Unboxing

Review 3: TKI Tech

"The Seinxon Wallet Finder impressed me with its seamless integration and user-friendly app. I often misplace my wallet at home, and this device has been incredibly helpful. Recently, I couldn't find my wallet after a party, but the Seinxon app showed it was in the living room. I found it under a pile of magazines. This product is a lifesaver for anyone who frequently loses their wallet."

TKI Tech  Unboxing

How to Buy the Seinxon Wallet Finder

Buying the Seinxon Wallet Finder is very simple. Follow these steps to get your device:

You can click on this, which is the official website of Seinxon to ensure that you are buying an authentic product.

You can go to Amazon and search for the brand name Seinxon and it will appear.

Other Products From Seinxon

Other Products From Seinxon


Seinxon products have won the hearts of many users. From airports to restaurants, from homes to workplaces, this device has helped users find lost wallets many times. For those who often lose things, Seinxon Wallet Finder is a tool worth investing in.

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