Seinxon VS Tile: Best Bluetooth Trackers

Loss of belongings is a headache for many people, fortunately, with the advancement of technology, various smart trackers have come up to alleviate this nuisance to a great extent. Such as Airtag, Chipolo tracker, Tile tracker, Seinxon finder.

After discussing the features of the Chipolo tracker in the previous post, in this post, we move on to the new tracker - Tile.

Seinxon Trackers

Seinxon VS Tile

Seinxon, like Tile, is an alternative to Airtag. Both are designed to help users find lost items such as wallets, keys, duffel bags, etc. But they have different features from each other. To have a clear comparison, we have compiled the table below.



Works with

iPhone + Android  Tile App

Works with Apple Find My or Seinxon App(Android )


Four shapes

Squares and card shapes


Starting at $24.99

Starting at $23.99

Charging method

Up to 1 year of battery life for replaceable models.

Up to 3 years for non-replaceable models 

Non-removable battery, rechargeable format (6 months on a full charge)

Bluetooth range

250- 400 feet

Up to 165 feet

Water resistance

Splash, water, and dust resistant + withstands up to 20 feet of underwater shock

Splashproof, IP68 waterproof, dustproof + can operate at a depth of 2 meters for 6 hours or more. 

RFID blocking


Yes. but only Pro Max


Tile Slim Card-shaped: 85.5mm x 54mm x 2.5mm(3.37in x 2.13in x 0.09in)

1.5 x 54 x 85.6 mm

(0.06 x 2.13 x 3.37 in)

(depends on the model)

Decibel level

Sound decibels not yet confirmed

Minimum 80 dB and there's a flashing light.

Seinxon Trackers Review

The Seinxon tracker is a replacement for the AirTag, which was introduced in 2021. It connects to Apple devices via Bluetooth like the AirTag and integrates seamlessly into Apple's Find My Network system. There's no need to worry about losing the location of your items even when you're out of Bluetooth range.

The Seinxon tracker is popular with users for its environmentally friendly rechargeable form and resistance to wear and tear.

Seinxon Card Finder - Thinnest AirTag

The Seinxon tracker is designed in two shapes: Card and Tag. The Card is beautifully designed and at only 1.6 mm thick, it is the world's thinnest finder card. It can be completely hidden in a wallet or other valuables.

Seinxon card finders are available in 5 types: Pro, Pro Max, Mini, Elite, and Elite Mini.

The Pro, Pro Max, and Mini support contact charging with a charging clip.

Elite and Elite Mini support wireless charging.

Each card type has a different size:

  • Pro,(1.5 x 54 x 85.6 mm,0.06 x 2.13 x 3.37 in
  • Pro Max, (1.7 x 54 x 85.6 mm,0.07 x 2.13 x 3.37 in
  • Mini (2.8 x 39 x 54 mm,0.11 x 1.54 x 2.13 in)
  • Elite, (1.6 x 54 x 85.6 mm,0.06 x 2.13 x 3.37 in)
  • Elite Mini. (3.2 x 41 x 54 mm,0.13 x 1.61 x 2.13 in)

RFID Blocking

The RFID blocking function of Seinxon Pro Max can effectively block some unscrupulous people from illegally swiping credit card funds or stealing credit card information by using special devices. Put it in your wallet to protect your property when you are out and about.


The Seinxon tracker has an audible alert for lost in addition. There are also lights that flash, something that is extra useful at night when looking for lost items.

Compatible Devices

Seinxon is compatible with both Apple and Android systems. Android users can start tracking using the Seinxon APP. However, there are limitations for Android users. When the item finder is out of range of a Bluetooth connection, the location will retain the location of the last connection. The location will only be updated when a Bluetooth connection is made again.


Seinxon starts at $23.99 for a single tracker. Individual devices top out at $35.99. We also offer bundle packages.

Bluetooth Range

Seinxon Bluetooth trackers have a Bluetooth range of up to 165 feet. Once the Bluetooth range is exceeded, the item can be tracked using Apple's Find My Network. Read more: Does Bluetooth work in Airplane Mode?

Charging Method

Seinxon uses an environmentally friendly and unique charging clip charging method. Charging options vary by product. Elite and Elite Mini support wireless charging. In addition, the Seinxon Finder Tag can be charged by plugging it directly into a USB-C port.


Rated IP68 Waterproof (maximum depth of 3 meters up to 1 hour) under IEC standard 60529

Seinxon Bluetooth Trackers

Tile Trackers Review

The Tile Tracker is an extremely popular Bluetooth location-tracking device designed to help users quickly retrieve lost items. By working in conjunction with a smartphone app, the Tile tracker can effectively track the location of personal items such as keys, wallets or backpacks. Additionally, Tile's compact and portable design makes it easy to attach to a variety of items, which makes it one of the most respected trackers on the market.

Compatible Devices

Tile is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Tile app and Life360 app are supported.


Tile Bluetooth trackers start at $24.99 and go up to $34.99 for a single device. 

Bluetooth Range 

Tile Bluetooth trackers have a Bluetooth range of 250-400 feet, depending on the model. 

Unlike Airtag and Seinxon trackers, Tile does not use Apple's Find My Network system, but rather Tile's Find My Network.

Tile's Bluetooth tracker also works when out of Bluetooth range, but only if there are other phones nearby with the Tile app installed. According to statistics, Tile has sold 50 million devices (not all of which are active). The number of Apple devices is over 1 billion, which means Tile has a smaller user base and a lower probability of recovering items.

Battery Life 

Tile has a battery life of up to 1 year for replaceable models and up to 3 years for non-replaceable models.

Water Resistance 

All 4 models are waterproof up to 20 feet.

Seinxon or Tile: How to Choose

Seinxon offers a customizable exterior design with thin, lightweight cards that stand up to wear and tear and bending. Waterproof and rechargeable formats are worthwhile points for users, and they start at just $23.99.

Tile offers a range of more flexible and practical design options for iPhone and Android users, starting at just $24.99.

Whichever you choose will help you the most when you're looking for a lost item. Of course, we hope you never lose your valuables.

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