Does Airtags Work With Android?

AirTag is not compatible with Android phones. AirTag is a popular Bluetooth tracker among iPhone users but is not friendly to Android users. Is there a Bluetooth tracker that works with both iPhone and Android and is the same as AirTag? Yes, this article gives you an alternative to AirTag but better than AirTag - Seinxon.

Does Airtags Work With Android?

Many Apple products, including AirTags, are not directly compatible with Android. Because AirTags rely on Apple's Find My Location network to transmit location information, this is why AirTags are not fully compatible with Android devices.

While you can't set up AirTags with an Android device, there are still ways for Android users to interact with AirTags.

Will Airtags Work With Android?

AirTags are designed for the Apple ecosystem. While Android cannot use AirTags directly, Android devices can interact with them using the Tracker Detect app.

The app allows for manual scanning, detects and alerts nearby AirTags, and displays information about the owners of missing AirTags.

    How Do AirTags Work?

    For more information, see this article how do airtags work? apple tracking technology, Here’s a detailed look at how AirTags function:

    • Bluetooth LE Ping: AirTags periodically send out Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) signals, known as pings. These signals can be detected by any Apple device within the range that is part of the Find My network.
    • Data Transmission: The nearby Apple devices that pick up the AirTag’s Bluetooth signal then send this data to Apple’s servers. This transmission happens securely and anonymously.
    • Location Viewing: The original owner of the AirTag can then use the Find My app to view the location of the AirTag on a map.
    wallet tracker

    Best AirTag Alternatives

    When looking for the best alternatives to AirTag, there are indeed several options to consider, including Seinxon Tracker, Chipolo Tracker, and Tile Tracker. Below is a detailed analysis of these alternatives:

    Seinxon Tracker

    The Seinxon Tracker stands out with its ultra-thin design, comparable to a credit card, and 18% thinner than other trackers.

    It is fully compatible with the iPhone, supporting the Apple Find My app, and offers limited Android compatibility.

    Featuring advanced Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, RFID, and EDC, it sends timely notifications when out of range, ensuring you never lose track of your items.

    Chipolo Tracker

    The Chipolo Tracker, while versatile with its keychain-like design, has some drawbacks. It connects via the older Bluetooth 4.0 standard, which may not provide the same range and reliability as newer versions.

    Additionally, the Chipolo app, necessary for operation, can be less intuitive and slower to respond compared to the seamless integration of Seinxon with the Apple ecosystem.

    Tile Tracker

    The Tile Tracker offers a variety of models, but this can be confusing and overwhelming for users who simply want a straightforward tracking solution.

    While it is compatible with both Android and iPhone, it relies on the Tile app, which may not be as user-friendly or efficient as the Apple Find My app.

    Additionally, the different models, such as Tile Sticker, Tile Mate, Tile Pro, and Tile Slim, can vary widely in performance and battery life, leading to inconsistent user experiences.

    When looking for the best AirTag alternative, Seinxon, Tile, and Chipolo stand out for their compatibility with Android and additional features. Here's a comparison of the four products:

    Comparison Item

    Seinxon Tracker

    AirTag Tracker

    Chipolo Tracker

    Tile Tracker


    Starting at $23.99

    Starting at $29

    Starting at $25

    Starting at $24.99


    Square. Thickness: 1.6mm. Square and card shapes

    Typically around 1.5-2 inches

    Card-shaped: Thickness: 0.08 in (2.15 mm); Key finders: Round

    Tile Slim Card-shaped: 85.5mm x 54mm x 2.5mm (3.37in x 2.13in x 0.09in)


    Square and card shapes


    Key finders: Round; Wallet finders: Card-shaped

    Four shapes


    Red, green, and blue (depends on the model), customizable

    Typically white

    Up to 6 colors (depends on the model)

    Various colors available (depends on the model)


    Yes, with advanced integrated compression tech.

    Can withstand daily wear and tear

    Can withstand daily wear and tear

    Can withstand daily wear and tear

    Charging Method

    Non-removable rechargeable battery (6 months on a full charge)

    Battery. Up to 1 year

    Key finders: Replaceable coin battery; Wallet finders: Non-replaceable battery, 1-2 years battery life

    Up to 1 year battery life for replaceable models. Up to 3 years for non-replaceable models

    Battery Life

    Non-removable rechargeable battery (6 months on a full charge)

    Up to 1 year

    Key finders: Replaceable coin battery; Wallet finders: Non-replaceable battery, 1-2 years battery life

    Up to 1 year battery life for replaceable models. Up to 3 years for non-replaceable models

    Sound Alert

    Yes, with flashing light

    Yes, emits sound to help locate

    Up to 105 dB

    Sound decibels not yet confirmed

    Bluetooth Range

    Up to 165 feet (approx. 50 meters)

    Max range 200-300 feet

    Up to 200 feet

    Up to 250-400 feet

    Water Resistance

    Dustproof, IP68 waterproof (can operate at a depth of 2 meters for 6 hours or more)

    Splash, water, and dust resistant (can be submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes)


    Splashproof, IP68 waterproof, dustproof (can operate at a depth of 2 meters for 6 hours or more)

    RFID Blocking

    Yes, to protect against unauthorized scans or theft




    Lost Mode





    Compatible Devices

    Android and Apple


    Chipolo app on Android phones & iPhones or Apple Find My app on iPhones (depends on the model)

    Tile app on iPhone and Android phones

    As you can see from the comparison table, the Seinxon is a top-notch alternative to the AirTag and is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 months, an IP68 waterproof rating, RFID blocking, and advanced compression technology, making it durable, safe, and reliable for everyday use.

    Seinxon combines all the advantages of other products and has its own advantages, such as wireless charging, global positioning, etc. If you are interested in Seinxon, please come to our website to have a look. Or if you have any questions, you can come to consult us.


    How to Use Seinxon on Android?

    Follow these straightforward steps to effectively utilize the Seinxon Tracker on your Android device.

    Step 1: Charging the Tracker

    If you have just received your tracker, you will first need to charge your Seinxon tracker using the supplied charging cable fully. If not, please skip this step.

    Step 2: Install the Tracking App

    Download and install a compatible third-party tracking app from the app shop.

    Step 3: Pair the Tracker

    Use the tracking app to pair your Seinxon tracker with your Android device via Bluetooth.

    Step 4: Configure Settings

    Configure tracker settings and notifications in the app.

    Step 5: Attach an Item

    Attach the Seinxon tracker to the item you want to track.

    Step 6: Using the Tracker

    Use the app to locate the tracker on a map or have it make a sound within range. (Note in particular that when out of Bluetooth range, the location will not be updated until it is relinked)

    Although Seinxon can be used for Android, it would be better if Seinxon was used for iPhone, That's because the Seinxon tracker is designed to seamlessly integrate with Apple's Find Me app. This native compatibility allows for enhanced features such as precise location tracking, easy setup, and direct notifications, providing a more reliable and user-friendly experience than using third-party apps on Android.

    To better understand the differences in functionality when using the Seinxon Tracker with Android versus iOS devices, the following table outlines the key features and their compatibility with each platform:



    iOS / Apple

    Connect APP

    Seinxon APP

    Find My APP

    Does the APP need to be downloaded



    Make a sound and light



    Global positioning

    No(Only the last position of the item before it was separated from the mobile phone can be shown)



    Yes(Navigating to the last available location, but relatively inaccurate due to Android's "kill background" mechanism)


    Unforeseen circumstances



    Lost mode



    Enjoy together

    Same Seinxon app account

    Same Apple ID or Family Sharing

    Anti-tracking mechanism

    Yes(Device will sound after 72 hours)

    Yes(Find My will send a reminder and the device will sound after 72 hours)


    Does Wallet Tracker Work?

    Yes, wallet trackers work effectively by using Bluetooth and GPS technology to help you locate your wallet quickly and easily. These devices connect to your smartphone via a dedicated app, allowing you to track the wallet's location in real time. They can emit sounds or flashlights to help you find your wallet and send alerts if it moves out of range, preventing loss.

    Can Others See the Location of My Key Finder?

    No, others cannot see the location of your key finder unless you grant them explicit access. Key finders are linked to your personal account on the app, ensuring only you can access the location data. Some apps offer sharing permissions, but this requires your consent. Location data is usually encrypted for added security, and even in community-based tracking systems, others cannot view your device's location. This ensures that your key finder's location remains private and secure.

    What is the General Purpose of a Wallet Finder?

    The general purpose of a wallet finder is to help people quickly locate wallets, luggage tags, or other valuables when they’re misplaced. Using technology like Bluetooth tracking, audible alerts, and location apps, users can pinpoint the last known spot of their items. While it aids in finding lost items, its main goal is not to prevent loss in the first place.

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