Seinxon Bluetooth Tracker vs Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker 2024

The Bluetooth trackers available in the market have basic features like Bluetooth range to find lost items.

In this article we compare the specifications of two of the most recognized brands in the Bluetooth tracker market, Chipolo and Seinxon, to help you make an informed choice.

Seinxon Bluetooth Tracker vs Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker 

Choosing the right Bluetooth tracker depends on your specific needs, such as battery life, range, water resistance, and special features. Both Chipolo and Seinxon offer reliable tracking. However, they have their advantages in certain aspects.

For a clearer comparison, we have prepared the following comparison table for you.



Works with

Chipolo app on Android phones & iPhones or Apple Find My app on iPhones

(depends on the model)

Bluetooth Tracker Works with Apple Find My or Seinxon App


Round key finders

Card-shaped wallet trackers

Squares and card shapes


Up to 6 colors

(depends on the model)

Red, green and blue

(depends on the model)


Starting at $25

Starting at $23.99

Charging method

Round key finders - replaceable coin battery

Card-shaped wallet trackers – non-replaceable battery. 

1-2 years

(depends on the model)

Non-Removable Rechargeable Battery (One Full Charge, Use for 6 Months)

Bluetooth range

Up to 200 ft

Up to 165 ft

Water resistance


IP68 can operate at a depth of 2 meters for 6 hours or more. IPX5(depends on the model)

RFID blocking


Yes. but only Pro Max


Card-shaped:Thickness: 0,08 in (2.15 mm)

Square shape. Thickness is 1.6mm.

Decibel level

Up to 105 dB

Minimum 80 dB and there's a flashing light.

What is the Seinxon Tracker?

The Seinxon tracker is a replacement for the AirTag introduced in 2021. The Seinxon tracker is popular among users due to its unique rechargeable format and resistance to wear and tear. Unlike coin-shaped trackers on the market, the Seinxon tracker has a card-shaped design and is only 1.6mm thick, making it thin and light enough to fit perfectly in a wallet or other valuables.

In addition, the Seinxon Bluetooth tracker connects to your Apple device via Bluetooth and seamlessly integrates into Apple's "Find My Network" system.

A detailed tutorial on using the Seinxon tracker can be found here.

What is the Seinxon Tracker?

Wallet Finder

Seinxon Wallet Finder works with the Seinxon app as well as Find My Network.

Since the card is thin and light it is ideal for carrying in your wallet and in case of loss, you can track the location of your losing wallet in Find My Network on your Apple device. The Seinxon Pro Max version of the wallet finder also has an RFID blocking function. It prevents unscrupulous people from using illegal means to steal the information of bank and credit cards in your wallet.

It is not easy to be destroyed even in the shape of a lightweight card. And depending on the model, the Seinxon wallet finder card size is different.

Key Finder

The key finder comes in card and square tag shapes. The Seinxon Key Finder Elite Mini version also supports wireless charging. There is also a key ring loop for you to easily add it to your keychain. Keep track of your lost keys at all times. The size of the card type is 0.13 x 1.61 x 2.13 inches and the square size is 0.33 x 1.36 x 1.44 inches.

The key tracker for the square tag is USB-C direct charge. There are RGB Lighting Effects in addition to sound alerts when searching for lost items.

Item Bundle

Having a item bundle package allows you to combine the features of each product and use them in combination to maximize the effectiveness of the tracker. The following tracker combinations are available for reference.

  • Elite Series (Wireless Charging): 4-Pack: 2 Elite + 2 Elite Mini (Keyring Hole), Savings: 10% off.
  • Finder Tag Series: 4-Pack: 2 Tag-Melody + 2 Tag-FastTrack, 4 Lanyards, Savings: 10% off.
  • Pro & Mini 4-Pack: Includes 2 Pro (no RFID Blocking) + 2 Mini (Keyring Hole), 2 Charger Clips, Savings: 10% off.

What is Chipolo?

Chipolo Bluetooth trackers can generally be categorized into close range finding and long range finding.

Close range search is for lost items at home. You can use the Chipolo ONE Key Finder and the Chipolo CARD Wallet Finder. Both of these finders work with their own Chipolo apps.

At a distance, e.g. outdoors. Chipolo ONE Spot Key Tracker and Chipolo CARD Luggage Tracker can be used. the Chipolo Spot Finder works exclusively with the Find app and is only available on the iPhone and other iOS devices such as iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch, or Mac. 

Chipolo Spot Finder works exclusively with the Find app and can only be used on iPhone and other iOS devices such as iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch, or Mac.

What is Chipolo?

Compatible with Apple and Android

Both Chipolo and Seinxon are compatible with both Apple and Android. Android users can use the Seinxon APP and Chipolo APP.

Both apps can only update location within Bluetooth range. When the item finder leaves the Bluetooth connection range, the location will retain the last connected location. The location will only be updated when the Bluetooth connection is made again.

Note that the Chipolo App, though, doesn't receive location information beyond the Bluetooth range.

Currently, Chipolo App is accessing Google's Find My network (equivalent to the Android version of Find My), which can receive global positioning.

It's still in beta by Google and can be seen on their official website. It's just that it's pre-sold to Google for internal testing, and the functionality and experience are not the final version.

Seinxon APP

Key Differences Between Chipolo and Seinxon

Both Chipolo and Seinxon use a network of hundreds of millions of iPhones, combined with the Apple Find My network, to track lost wallets, keys, and luggage. And with similar basic functionality, they are excellent alternatives to Airtag. But there will be advantages to each.

The way both are charged is the most obvious. For Chipolo, only the credit card-shaped wallet tracker comes with a non-replaceable battery. For Seinxon, on the other hand, every tracker uses the rechargeable method. However, the extra models support wireless charging.

Another difference is the color of the tracker. Both companies offer a variety of color options, and Seinxon offers some special patterns.

This is a guide you should know when you use one of these Bluetooth trackers on an airplane: Does Bluetooth Work in Airplane Mode?


Ultimately, both brands offer proven technology that can be realistically applied in real-world situations as well. However, it is important to note that we recommend that you use them on items rather than illegally tracking others.

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