How To Track My Luggage? 4 Best Ways To Track Luggage

When traveling we always worry about misplaced or lost luggage. It will affect your mood and delay your trip. But there is a reliable way to keep track of your luggage. Here are four of the best ways to make sure your traveling and business trips go smoothly.

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How To Prevent Luggage From Being Lost?

Losing luggage can be a traveler’s nightmare, but with a few precautionary steps, you can significantly reduce the chances of this happening. Here are detailed steps to prevent your luggage from being lost.

Step 1: Take Photos

Before heading to the airport, unpack your luggage and photograph the contents. Make sure you take pictures of the outside of your luggage from all angles. Photographs help airlines identify and track your luggage more efficiently without the need for detailed verbal descriptions.

Step 2: Placing Essentials in Your Carry-On Baggage

Place all essential items such as medication, important documents, passports, and personal belongings in your carry-on bag.

Double-check your carry-on luggage before you leave to make sure there are no important items in your checked baggage.

If your main luggage is lost, putting essentials in your carry-on will minimize inconvenience and ensure you can continue your journey without any problems.

Step 3: Check Your Baggage Claim Receipt

Keep the baggage claim receipts provided by your airline when you check your baggage.

Store these receipts in a safe and accessible place, such as your wallet or a special travel folder.

These receipts contain important information necessary for tracking your baggage in case it is lost.

Track Luggage

Step 4: Arrive At The Airport Early

Plan to arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours before your flight.

Use the extra time to calmly check in your baggage and not rush through the check-in process.

(Arriving at the airport early reduces the risk of last-minute confusion that could result in mishandled baggage.)

Step 5: Stay Informed

Provide up-to-date contact information when booking your flight and make sure you receive notifications from your airline.

Regularly check your messages, emails, and any notifications from the airline regarding flight and baggage status.

Staying up-to-date on flight changes and baggage transfers will help you react in a timely manner should any issues arise.

Step 6: Report Exceptions Immediately

If your baggage does not arrive at its destination, go to your airline's baggage claim immediately.

Provide them with your baggage claim receipt and any other information necessary to initiate the tracking process.

Timely reporting increases the chances that your baggage will be found and returned quickly.

Step 7: Travel Insurance

Purchase travel insurance that covers lost or delayed baggage.

Carry the details of your insurance with you and understand the procedure for claiming compensation if your baggage is lost.

Travel insurance can cover the cost of lost valuables and provide compensation for serious baggage delays.

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4 Best Ways To Track Luggage

In case your valuables are lost in transit, here are four of the best ways to track your luggage in transit:

Attach Tracking Devices

Using luggage tracker devices can provide precise location updates for your luggage.

Steps to Use Tracking Devices

  1. Purchase a Tracking Device: Choose a reliable GPS tracker from the market. Such as Seinxon.
  2. Set Up the Device: Follow the instructions to activate and connect the tracker to your smartphone app.
  3. Place in Luggage: Secure the tracker inside a pocket or compartment in your luggage, avoiding metal objects for better signal reception.
  4. Monitor via App: Use the app to track your luggage in real time.

Take the Seinxon tracking device as an example: Connect the tracker to your mobile phone, set up notifications and alerts, and place the Seinxon tracker in your luggage. Check the location of the tracker via Apple's Find Me.

If the tracker is within Bluetooth range, you can find it by selecting the specific music you want to find. If it's not in Bluetooth range, you can use a nearby Apple phone to locate it for you so you can see its location on a map.

Use Airline Tracking Systems

Most reputable airlines offer luggage tracking systems that are highly effective for both international and domestic flights. Here’s how to use them:

Steps to Use Airline Tracking Systems

  1. Visit the Airline's Website: Go to the official website of your airline.
  2. Access the Tracking System: Navigate to the “Baggage” or “Tracked Baggage” section.
  3. Enter Information: Input your luggage tag numbers and PNR (Passenger Name Record) numbers.
  4. Track Your Luggage: Follow the prompts to view the status and location of your luggage.

Use Luggage Tracking Apps

Luggage tracking apps offer real-time updates on the location of your luggage. Both airline-provided and third-party apps are available.

Steps to Use Luggage Tracking Apps

  1. Download the App: Install the official tracking app provided by your airline or a third-party service.
  2. Register Your Luggage: Enter your luggage tag numbers and other relevant details into the app.
  3. Enable Notifications: Set up notifications for real-time updates.
  4. Monitor Your Luggage: Use the app to get live updates on your luggage’s location.

Luggage Track

Use RFID Technology

RFID tags provided by airlines can make tracking your luggage more seamless.

Steps to Use RFID Technology

  1. Obtain RFID Tags: Check if your airline provides RFID tags and request one if available.
  2. Attach the Tag: Place the RFID tag on your luggage as instructed by the airline.
  3. Monitor via Airline System: RFID tags are scanned at various checkpoints, allowing you to monitor your luggage through the airline’s tracking system.

If you have valuables inside your luggage, you can also protect your private information with an RFID blocking wallet.


All in all, it's all about a better travel experience for you. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended that you use the Seinxon luggage tracker. Ensure peace of mind every time you travel.

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